Charlie Reece for Durham City Council


Charlie Reece was elected as an at-large member of the Durham City Council in November of 2015. Charlie is a local attorney with not only a lifelong passion for public service but also deep experience in political organizing and non-profit work. Charlie ran for city council in 2015 to preserve a Durham where everyone can afford to live and work and raise a family.

Since joining the city council, Charlie has been instrumental in achieving an impressive series of progressive policy victories for the people of Durham: an unprecedented financial commitment by the city of Durham to the construction and preservation of affordable homes for Durham’s low income families (with more to come!); preserving city funding for emergency homeless services for some of our most vulnerable neighbors; securing the city’s robust financial support for the critical work of the Durham Housing Authority; a $15 minimum wage for city employees; a new participatory budgeting process in which all city residents 13 years of age and older will work together to spend $2.4 million in city funds to improve their communities; and a groundbreaking program to double the capacity of Durham’s legal support for tenants facing eviction that is seen as a model across the country.

Charlie is a tenth generation North Carolinian on his father’s side of the family, and a first generation American on his mother’s side of the family. Charlie and his wife Laura work together in their family business located in Durham. Charlie and Laura have lived here in Durham since 2007, and they are the proud parents of daughters Elle (10 years old and an awesome dancer and singer) and Gwyn (7 years old and one of the very best first grade spellers in South Durham). Both girls love attending their neighborhood DPS school, Hope Valley Elementary, and their parents are enthusiastic supporters of the work and the mission of the Durham Public Schools.


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